Affiliate Management

We take out the stress and hassle by creating a turnkey affiliate solution for your existing business.

After we work with you to create a successful affiliate system for your business, RT Advisory Solutions will continue to work with your company to provide consistent meaningful support and guidance to you and your new affiliate partners.

We work to ensure that the quality of service we leave you with has a longevity past the initial delivered model. We believe that every model should deliver substantial value to our clients and their affiliate partners for years to come because, just like any sales or marketing model, having something that works well in the long run, always proves more efficient and cost effective, helping retain happy clients, rather than constantly being on the hunt for new ones.

At RT Advisory Solutions, we have the experience and expert knowledge on efficient practice which achieve the best results for your individual business needs.


Running a business has various day to day challenges to overcome and venturing out into a this model can seem extremely difficult. As we continually build on our wealth of knowledge helping various businesses from all over the world we know we can help you follow the same path to success.

From our initial meeting we will review your business model in some detail and assess the viability of a franchise model. We can then go onto potential growth and scale. This can lead to likely revenue sources and locations of likely franchisees and adaptability if possible.

Once we are collectively happy with the projected outcomes of the venture we will go into our full phase development and within a defined timescale deliver our proposed model.