Affiliate Startup

We specialise in transforming your business into an effective solution for affiliates globally.

Are you currently running a successful business and are looking at ways that you can grow? If so managing an affiliate platform maybe the answer for you.

Affiliate models can be time consuming, a significant amount of effort and investment is required to ensure success,  so prior to constructing one for your business, you must be 100% committed to the process.

To start, it is imperative to ensure that this model is going to be beneficial to your business. The best starting point is reviewing your financial records. An affiliate will have contrasting overheads & financials to your own business model so you must be certain that the business for them is feasible. We can assist you in developing your business model to ensure that it is effective for everyone involved.

As well as this it is important to think about location. What location does your business currently trade within? Is the affiliate business likely to be a success in these new areas? And if so, how large do the new areas have to be in order to support the business percentile, and would this be feasible for incoming affiliates? Multiple businesses have a worldwide digital presence, however this comes with limitations on its originating business activities. Corporations generally invest vase sums of revenue, trying to penetrate markets in a variety of countries but overall fail because more local options are beneficial for the consumer. We work with you to ensure every step that your business is taking is thought through and results in long-term success.

Another significant factor to consider is; can the business be transferred? Are you able to train and support an affiliate to allow them to be able to operate the business to the same level as you?  These, amongst many others, are important considerations when choosing the appropriate model for your business, and could dictate detrimental implications later on if not properly thought through. At RT Advisory, we work with your business step-by-step, ensuring that all considerations are met and thought through before starting the process, to ensure long-term success.

Whether you have an already existing model that may need some adaptations to increase its growth potential or if you are requiring support in constructing a model from scratch, we will work with you throughout the process, distributing expert advice and support throughout.

With our assistance, you could simplify your product, making it more appropriate for the individuals needs of its local customer base. Having a digital company usually entails global accessibility, however tailoring a product to fit specific consumer needs can  provide you with a niche market and a competitive edge, helping your business in the long term. Whilst this may not work for every business and some don’t actually even require this type of adjustments, we at RT Advisory, see this as an important aspect to consider when constructing your affiliate model, and will work with your business to ensure that no leaf is left unturned during the formation or transformation of your business.

We would love the opportunity to communicate directly with your business and evaluate how we can work together to develop your existing business and increase your revenue potential.